Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Top 5 Tips

Post by ER Nurse, Brandon Neat

As the Fourth of July approaches, it’s important to remember that your pet may not be enjoying the festivities as much as the rest of the family. One activity, in particular, can cause your pet a great deal of stress and anxiety – fireworks. Loud booms and shaking ground can cause many dogs and cats to panic.

Here are some tips for keeping your pet happy and safe this Fourth of July:

1. If you know your pet is frightened by loud sounds, keep your pet inside and insulated from the noise. While you might miss him at the community park, he will be a much happier camper waiting at home!

2. If you live close to a fairground or a fireworks display, you may need to consider boarding your pet or making arrangements with a trusted pet sitter. Some pets are so frightened by fireworks they may injure themselves even when crated at home.

3. Consider playing relaxing music or leaving the television on to help cover the noise from fireworks. White noise machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers can help muffle the sounds and may be comforting if familiar to your pet.

4. If your furry friend has an extreme reaction to fireworks, you might consult with your family veterinarian about anti-anxiety and sedation medications. These are most effective if given before the animal becomes frightened.

5. Work on training exercises like “Sit” and “Stay”, or more advanced moves if your critter has mastered these. When you reward calm behavior, your pet focuses more on you and less on the boisterous activities outside.

Simple steps and a little forethought can ensure the entire family enjoys the holiday.

Be safe and have fun!


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