The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet: A Guide for Pet Owners

Regarding your pet’s health and safety, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. As a responsible pet owner, you want your pet to be safe and cared for. The thought of your pet running away or getting lost is stressful for any pet parent, but the good news is that a microchip can ease those anxieties.

While microchipping comes with many benefits, you might have concerns and questions about the procedure. Implanting a microchip might sound scary, but it’s a simple, easy way to help keep your pet safe. Understanding why it’s so beneficial to get the facts about microchipping is important. 

What is a pet microchip?

A microchip is a small, scannable chip implanted under your animal’s skin. This device has a reference number, which coincides with an online database that holds your contact information, such as a phone number. 

A microchip is not a GPS device – instead, it allows a shelter or clinic to scan the microchip and use the reference number to easily find your information. 

Whether you have a pup who escapes your yard every fourth of July or a cat who bolts out the door unexpectedly one day, it’s always stressful with our pets aren’t where they’re supposed to be. It’s easy to see how a microchip can provide a little peace of mind.

Does the microchip implanting process cause pain?

Whenever you think about implanting something under the skin, it raises questions. After all, it does sound a little uncomfortable. You’re probably wondering, does microchipping hurt dogs or cats?

The answer is, overall, no. Microchipping does not require a sedative or even a numbing agent – though you can always ask your vet about this if you’re concerned. Your animal will feel a poke from the needle as the microchip is implanted, but that’s about it. This is a very short, standard procedure; odds are your pet will go about their day with no issues, and it’s a relatively simple and quick surgery.

Can you feel the microchip?

With a microchip placed under the skin, you might ask can you feel a microchip in a dog or cat?

Not exactly. Microchips are deliberately placed between the animal’s shoulder blades. Often, this means thicker fur and skin around the chip itself. That way, your animal won’t scratch at it or accidentally move it around, and you also aren’t likely to feel it there, either.

If you have a small dog or a dog with thin fur, there’s a chance you could feel the microchip under their skin. But for the most part, neither you nor your pet will know the microchip is there.

Are there any downsides to microchipping?

There are many benefits to the microchipping process, but are there any downsides? Like any procedure, a microchip isn’t foolproof. Some cases of microchips not working correctly or migrating make scanning difficult. 

It’s also important to remember that a microchip isn’t a locator. In other words, a microchip doesn’t allow you to track your animal if lost; they just connect the person who finds it with your contact information.  

But while microchipping may not be a perfect process, the clear benefits outweigh any negatives. A microchip is an easy, safe way to assign tamper-proof identification to your animal. If your pet is lost, you’d want to have every available tool to find them quickly. And a microchip can help you do that.

What’s the cost of a microchip?

Another benefit of the microchipping process is its affordability. The cost to microchip a dog is generally between $25 and $60. Cat microchip cost is about the same, depending on your vet and any registration costs. So, you can rest assured that microchipping won’t break the bank. And when you consider that microchips last for your pet’s lifetime, it’s a great investment. 

Microchipping is an easy, simple, mostly painless, and affordable procedure. While a microchip can’t keep your pet from getting lost, it can give you peace of mind. 

Would you like to microchip your pet? Come visit us at Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists to learn more about the process.

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