Signs You Need a 24 Hour Veterinarian

When you take your furry friend home for the first time, the last thing you expect is to need a veterinarian right away. After all, most pet owners hope that the number of times their pet is sick or injured stays at a minimum throughout its life. However, if you’ve adopted an older animal or your pet is chronically ill, you may need an option for care after typical office hours. Enter the 24-hour vet clinic

Veterinarian emergencies can be highly stressful for both you and your beloved pet, but they do happen. You can expect them to be par for the course at least once in your pet’s life. Whether your dog chewed off his dew claw or your cat got into a neighborhood catfight in the middle of the night, an emergency veterinarian can help your pet as soon as possible. 

But how do you truly know if you need a 247 vet? Well, it depends on your pet’s health and temperament, plus several other factors. If you are concerned that your pet may need additional assistance after hours, it’s worth looking into a 24 hour vet clinic near you. 

Situations in Which You Need a 24 Hour Veterinarian

Emergency vet visits are a pet owner’s worst nightmare, especially if your pet gets hurt or sick after hours. However, some medical emergencies simply cannot wait until regular business hours. Here are a few situations in which your pet may need to visit a 24 hour vet clinic: 

Trauma/Bleeding Wounds 

If your pet has bleeding wounds or you are unsure of the source of the trauma, take them to the vet immediately. For example, if your pet was involved in a fight or sustained broken bones. While treating more minor lacerations at home is easier, more significant wounds or more severe trauma can cause infection or leave your pet permanently damaged. In extreme cases of bleeding or trauma, it’s essential to visit the 24/7 vet immediately. 

Ingesting Something Toxic 

Sometimes our furry friends venture around the house and uncover a food item or other substance that causes harm. If this happens, be on the lookout for cat poisoning symptoms, for example. If your cat or dog has ingested weed killer, chocolate, grapes, or other items that are known to be toxic to them, take your pet to the 24-hour veterinarian immediately. When it comes to toxic substances, it’s crucial to act quickly. 

Difficulty Breathing 

If you notice your pet breathing abnormally or barely, there’s no time to waste. They will need to be treated immediately. Often, you can tell if your cat or dog has enough oxygen by looking at their gums. If you notice discoloration of your pet’s gums, they may not get adequate oxygen. If this is the case, you must be able to visit a vet right away. 

Allergic Reaction 

Sometimes pets chew on items that they react poorly to or are exposed to a substance or medication that flares up their allergies. In severe cases, pet owners must have access to a vet they can consult with any time, day or night. For example, if your dog chews on a toy rope in the middle of the night and has an allergic reaction to the toy, it may struggle to breathe or open its eyes. If you think your pet has an allergic reaction, call a 24-hour veterinarian now. 


If you wonder why your pet is throwing up, you may face a 24-hour vet emergency. Don’t play a guessing game if your pet is sick and you are unsure what they ate or why they may be tossing their biscuits. Visit your nearest 24-hour veterinarian to get answers. 

No one looks forward to the day their pet may face an emergency. To play it safe, call Oklahoma Vets to learn more about a reliable 24-hour vet near you. You can’t always control what your pet does, but you can ensure you are prepared when the unexpected happens. 

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