The Importance of Having Pet Insurance

For many of us, living without health insurance is something we’d never consider. Health insurance allows us to see our doctors for routine and preventative care and helps us when we face unexpected emergencies. Health insurance allows us to pay for the care we need without placing ourselves in a financially burdensome situation. We wouldn’t imagine not having health insurance for ourselves or our loved ones, yet so many of our fur babies are uninsured.

Pet health insurance is just as essential as our own health insurance and below, we’ll go over the importance of pet health insurance and the top eight benefits of having dog insurance and cat insurance, and what the typical cost of pet health insurance is.

The Top 8 Benefits of Having Pet Health Insurance

The benefits of having dog insurance and cat insurance are endless, but we’ve narrowed down the list to what we consider to be the top eight benefits of having your pets insured.

1. Pet health insurance saves you money.

Many people worry that pet insurance cost will be too expensive or not worth it in the long run, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Monthly premiums range from $10 – $100 a month, with the average payment around $40. You can get pet insurance quotes from many different providers and compare the costs side by side. Like our health insurance plans, the insurance you have for your pet will have a deductible and a co-pay for treatment. Even with the monthly premium, deductible, and co-pay, you’ll still be paying substantially less than if you were to go to the vet without being insured.

2. Pet health insurance lets you focus on your pet’s health.

When you’re not focused on finances, you can focus on your pet and their health. Cost can be a big deterrent to bringing your pet to the vet when you suspect something might be wrong, but when you’ve got insurance, you can prioritize the health of your cat or dog.

3. Pet health insurance protects you from the unexpected.

Accidents happen to everyone and when your pet is insured, it helps protect them in case of an accident or an emergency.

4. You can pick your own vet with pet health insurance.

Unlike human health insurance, which limits you to in-network providers, you can choose any vet you want with pet health insurance and you don’t need a referral to see a specialist. This is especially beneficial if you already have a vet that you and your pet love; there’s no need to worry about finding a new vet because every vet is in-network.

5. Pet health insurance gives you more options for treatment.

Healthcare is expensive, from medications to in-office services, to surgeries and more. But when you have pet health insurance, more medications and treatment options are covered. This gives you more control of the care plan because you can focus on what’s best for them instead of what’s least expensive.

6. All pets can be insured with pet health insurance.

Pet insurance companies will offer coverage to all pets. They don’t discriminate on breeds or age, and prices won’t continually increase as your pet ages like they do with our healthcare insurance.

7. Pet health insurance helps you budget.

With monthly premium payment options, you can easily fit your pet’s health insurance into your monthly budget. You’ll also know how much to expect to pay, so you won’t get any surprise bills out of the blue.

8. Pet health insurance protects your savings

Similar to how insurance for your pet allows you to budget, it also protects your savings account. People who have pet insurance are less likely to need to dip into their savings account than people who don’t have insurance because the cost of treatment and procedures is mostly covered.

The Importance of Pet Health Insurance

The financial burden associated with going to the vet prevents many pet owners from taking their cats and dogs to get medical attention until an emergency happens. The lack of regular and consistent care can actually lead to greater health problems down the road. Having pet health insurance allows you to get routine checkups at a fraction of the cost and helps your vet be on the lookout for any health concerns long before they become emergent. When the cost of care is lessened, pet owners are more likely to take their pets in for an annual physical and wellness exam, just like they would for themselves or their children.

Pet health insurance is important because it allows you to save money while prioritizing the health of your pet. If you’re looking for a new vet for your four-legged friend in the Tulsa area, contact us at Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists today!

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