Dr. Zachary H. Ricker, ACVS

What is your educational background?
Oklahoma State Undergrad and Vet School (2005); Texas A&M Rotating medicine and surgery Internship (2006); Oklahoma State Surgical Residency and Masters In Veterinary Biomedical Sciences (2009).

What do you do day-to-day?
I founded Oklahoma Veterinary Surgery, LLC bringing referral surgery
and eventually ophthalmology to Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists, LLC. As a
board certified veterinary surgeon (ACVS) I love all aspects of veterinary
surgery and enjoy performing orthopedic, neurologic, thoracic and abdominal
surgery. As the leader of the surgery and ophthalmology practice my primary day
to day responsibilities are patient care, staff management, and facilities
management. I love the team we’ve created and like to foster a fun working

What do you love about what you do / what makes you passionate about this?
I knew I wanted to be a vet when I was 5 years old. I’ve always
loved animals and thanks to dad’s garage full of tools grew up taking things
apart to see how they worked (not animals!). Eventually, I realized I loved
small animal surgery and decided to focus on it exclusively through another 4
years of training following vet school.
Outside of work what do you do for fun? (family, hobbies, travel, etc.)

I have a great family and enjoy spending time with my wife, Rachel, and daughter, Charlotte. I enjoy hunting, shooting, spending time outdoors, reading, cooking on occasion,
and occasional travel. We attend and serve at Life.church

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