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Dermatology infection. Dogs. CatsDermatology problems. Dermatology serviceWelcome to the OVS Dermatology service! Does your pet bite, scratch, chew, rub or lick itself? Does your pet experience ear infections? Dr. Foust evaluates, diagnoses and manages dogs and cats with skin, ear or claw problems resulting from an underlying allergy, hormonal disorder or immune-mediated disease. If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to schedule an appointment. Appointments for the Dermatology service are available Tuesday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm and can be made by contacting OVS.   Download and Print these helpful worksheets:  Intradermal Skin Allergy Test Preparation Skin Allergy Testing Expectations Atopy/Atopic Dermatitis Food Allergy Pollen

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Dermatology Client History Form

Help us provide your pet the best continuing care by sharing your observations in our Dermatology Client History Form, a vital tool that allows us to monitor and adjust your pet’s treatment based on their progress.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
0 = normal / 10 = non-stop scratching
If your pet will be sedated for any reason, please remember not to feed after 10pm the night before the procedure Water is okay to give.
For IntraDermal Allergy Testing procedure Only:
Has your pet had any of the following? If so, the test may be void and needs to be rescheduled.
Steroid pills in the last 30 days:
Steroid shot in the last 12 weeks:
Steriod topicals in the last 2 weeks:
Antihistamines in the last 2 weeks:
Anti-anxiety medications in the last 2 weeks:
Vitamin E or Omega Fatty acids in the last 2 weeks:
The list of medications above can significantly impact the validity of the test.
It is understood that this test requires a large area of hair to be shaved on the side of the chest. I understand and consent: