Why Is My Dog Throwing up Blood?

December 15, 2022

Dogs are our best friends, and when they aren’t feeling well, it gives us a significant cause for concern. Sometimes we indeed over-worry. Animals, especially those curious ones like dogs, tend to eat things that otherwise would be ill-advised. As all pet owners know, this can cause an upset stomach or, even worse, vomiting.

There are times when there is no need to worry: this is typical for dogs. But what if there was blood in the vomit? That certainly is a cause for concern. Here, we will go over why your dog might be throwing up blood and how you can make them feel better.

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Blood?

Before we move on, it should be noted that if your dog throws up blood, you should first take pictures of it and contact your veterinarian. Pictures can help your vet determine the cause of the bleeding, which will, in turn, help them guide you through what to do next.

There are several reasons your dog has blood in their vomit. They include:

  • Continuous vomiting. This can lead to inflammation in the esophagus, upper intestines, or stomach, leading to bloody vomit. So, contacting your vet is always a good idea if your dog vomits.
  • Parasites that get into the intestines can cause bloody vomit.
  • Viral or bacterial infections can lead to bloody vomit.
  • Sometimes our dogs eat a little too quickly, don’t chew all the way, eat something too big, or eat something that isn’t easily digestible. This can cause bloody vomit because these objects get stuck along the digestive tract.
  • Swallowing sharp objects can lead to bloody vomit.
  • There is a condition called Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis that can lead to bloody vomit or diarrhea. This is a severe condition, and your vet should be contacted immediately.
  • Ulcers can also be a sign of kidney failure or liver failure.
  • Certain toxins can lead to bloody vomit.
  • Blood clotting
  • Injury
  • Cancer

What Are the Next Steps?

You may wonder, just like with non-bloody vomit, if this is an emergency and you need to contact your vet. The answer is yes. Even if there is just a speck of blood in the vomit, you should contact your vet immediately. The best-case scenario is that it is nothing to worry about, and a simple treatment will help them get better. If it is a worst-case scenario, it is best to identify it as early as possible to give your companion the best shot at a full recovery.

What Steps Will the Vet Take?

When you go to the vet, they want to run a blood test for dogs. These are informative tests that can tell you all sorts of things about your pet’s health, especially if they are sick. A dog blood test will show your dog’s hydration levels, how well their immune system works, if they are dealing with any infections, and if they are anemic. While this can be a bit scary for both you and the pup, it can also reveal that there are no underlying causes of the bloody vomit, which means you will probably be able to get your canine on the mend with simple home remedies.

What Are Some Home Remedies?

If it turns out that all your pup needs are a little TLC, there are some simple things you can do to get them feeling better.

The first thing you can do is make sure they drink plenty of water. Dehydration can affect humans and dogs in myriad ways, and sometimes all it takes is a little extra water to make them feel better.

You can also give your dog medicines that will help them feel better. These can be antacids, antinausea meds, or something to help protect their stomach lining.

The last thing to consider is having your dog eat bland food for a little bit. This can be as simple as boiled chicken and rice.

Please contact the Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists today to know more about dog blood work or why your dog is vomiting blood.

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