Endoscopy For Dogs

Veterinary care is essential and effective for a series of conditions. When your dog is scheduled for an endoscopic session, you do not need to fret because it is simply a procedure to check for the root cause of a disease making your dog vomit, experience weight loss, diarrhea, and sometimes loss of appetite. 

Compared with surgery, endoscopy for dogs offers clients a less invasive and expensive option. An endoscope is helpful because it allows you to test for diseases and conditions causing harm to your pets. Keeping your dog in a healthy environment and away from foreign objects requiring urgent medical attention is another way to avoid a foreign object endoscope retrieval.

What Is an Endoscope, And How Can It Be Used?

The endoscope, an illuminated, flexible fiber-optic instrument for viewing the interior of a hollow organ, will be infused into your dog’s gastrointestinal tract through the mouth or rectum. The esophagus can also be inspected through the mouth to examine the stomach.

How To Prepare Your Dog for An Endoscopy

The efficiency of a dog endoscopy relies on proper preparation. Before an endoscopic session, it is crucial to keep the stomach and intestinal tract empty of all food and fecal matter. 

Depending on the inspection location, a full 12 to 18-hour fast will be required of your dog to clear its system. At least one enema may be necessary before the procedure. Before an endoscopy, your pet undergoes routine tests to strike out other diseases or conditions.

These tests can include a complete blood test, a urine sample, a fecal examination, radiographs, and an ultrasound. If endoscopy is compulsory for your dog, our veterinarian will guide you through the preparation method.

What Issues Can Be Detected with A Dog Endoscopy? 

Dog endoscopy generally detects illnesses, diseases, and conditions a dog is suffering from; it allows full-color viewing of the esophagus, stomach, and higher part of the small intestine or the colon. Endoscopy for dogs can be used to detect illnesses such as:

  • Certain Forms of Cancer like bone cancer, oral and Cancerous Tumors.
  • Ulcers.
  • Abscesses.
  • Endoscopy for dogs to remove foreign objects
  • Internal Trauma.
  • Blockages.

Is General Anesthesia Compulsory During Endoscopy? 

General anesthesia is needed to make a gastrointestinal examination for dogs. It won’t be possible to pass an endoscope into a conscious dog’s stomach quietly or colon, and some dogs require only short-acting anesthesia and can go home shortly after completion of the dog gastrointestinal exam. Veterinarians can use emergency pet surgery for dogs to remove foreign objects. 

Dog Endoscopy Cost 

When an unexpected illness hits your pet, unexpected expenses often arise, anddog endoscopy costs might be one of those. Dog endoscopy cost varies depending on the scope or method of treatment, the endoscope mode of insertion and exploratory inspection areas such as the anesthesia, and your veterinarian’s fees. 

Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists know and understand this. Hence, we can make special arrangements through the CareCredit program when considering endoscopy for dogs. The application takes minutes to fill, allowing you to break your payment into six installments. You can apply at the hospital, where the application will be given immediate approval, or online in the comfort of your home.

Book An Appointment Today for A Dog Endoscopy 

Dogs often are found chewing what they are not supposed to, necessitating an endoscopy for dogs to discover and retrieve objects such as rawhide, string, or bones. Please watch your dogs, especially puppies, play around, eat, and chew things.

Leave them only with puppy-safe toys with materials that can be digested and take far away broken bones that are minute enough to block the passage of anything or sharp enough to cause a tear as they swallow.

Endeavor to keep your dogs on a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, and keep them on daily exercise. Once you notice any unusual constant vomiting or diarrhea, especially after meals, or you want to know more about Dogs endoscopy and how to book an appointment, contact us.

At Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists clinic, we are more than just a regular veterinary clinic; we are working like veterinary emergency hospital, providing around-the-clock care for pets in urgent situations. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional care and specialized services to meet the unique needs of every pet,

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